Four semesters of a foreign language, bowling, flag football, midwestern literature (m)

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By buck e on 08:42:51 06/28/20
[In reply to "And thats a good way of putting it. That Freshman year of “core classes” is just a money grab. (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 07:04:43 06/28/20]

: Had a Mechanical Engineering student talking to me about a Summer Co-Op position last Spring. I asked how far into his major’s coursework he was. He said “Oh, we don’t actually get into that until our Sophomore year.”

: Pretty expensive 3 Semesters to accomplish nothing.

I could go on. College could easily be three years of course work and one year’s worth of internships (no tuition paid to the school.... let the business and school work out the financial arrangements).l and it would be the same quality of actual academic development and training.

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