I doubt rutgers does, the rest may. Obviously the profits subsidize other sports. Of the 14 scholarship womens sports

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By wigmon on 10:58:58 06/29/20
[In reply to "To a first approximation, everyone in the P5 makes money on football, and nobody else does. *" by Zanzibar, posted at 10:16:13 06/29/20]

at OSU, I believe all but fencing posts a loss of more than $1M. Womens Basketball loses more than $4M a year.

If it wasn't for revenue sharing, I'd bet less than half the schools make a profit in football. Each school, with the exception of MD and Rutgers, gets $54M a year from TV contracts. In a "fair" system, OSU would probably get triple that and NW would get about 10% of that.

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