A guy at my club in Tampa when I lived there in the mid 90s was a member at Oakmont, he swore that

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By Nashville on 10:01:55 06/30/20
[In reply to "ditto - btw, I once shot an 81 at Oakmont *" by woodhaze, posted at 07:49:02 06/30/20]

they slowed the greens down when they hosted US Opens. Not sure I buy that but I do know 81 is a damn good score there.

We had a trip planned there one time but he had to back out due to a funeral. This guy was a member at several places, we used to joke that he was in violation of the 14 club rule. He did get me on Shoal Creek and The Honors Course. I had to cancel when we were planning to go to Valhalla after I moved back to Nashville.

RIP, Dick. He was a helluva guy.

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