been wondering this for years. anyone on campus over 6'8" or 6'9" should be on the team for this role alone m

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By IndierockBuck on 15:26:50 07/24/20
[In reply to "Speaking of Feder, why don't coaches line up a few very tall linemen/LBs behind the wide bodies to block FGs?* *" by tarbucks, posted at 05:15:44 07/24/20]

i know for a fact there was a HS in tennessee recently that was using a 6'7 basketball prospect for endzone fades and field goal blocks. the kid was a 4 star bball prospect and rarely if ever practiced with the football team. he did not want to risk injury playing football, but he was friends with all the kids and wanted to help them win. so, he would just show up and dress for games and they would line him up for endzone fades and lob it to him. he would moss the 5'10 kids trying to guard him. they also used him to block field goals as you mention.

i have never gotten a good explanation why we don't use centers from the basketball team or any other tall dudes walking around campus to block kicks. even if they just manage to block 1 or 2 kicks a year, it's worth it if they're a walk on and not taking up a scholly. guarantee belichick would be doing this if he was coaching cfb

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