I'm actually leaning toward going back to cable...

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By kybuckeye on 08:45:03 07/25/20
[In reply to "Streaming TV search update" by Bucknik, posted at 10:04:59 07/24/20]

the cost is equal and I can get NFL Network. the only thing holding me back is having to buy the upper tier to get BTN in my area, but if there's no football season I don't need BTN, or cable for that matter.

: I've been searching for a new streaming service since Youtube TV upped their prices by 30% for the addition of a few crappy channels

: I've finally decided on a provider. FuboTV

: Why? They seem to be the only streaming provider that has both BTN and the History Channel. I'll check them out for a while and post a report.

: If you're interested in signing up with them, please click the link below and we'll both save $30. :)

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