NOT gonna happen

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By WolfBuck on 11:45:51 07/25/20
[In reply to "True or false. Now is the time to get ND in the B1G. Improve the conference and get closer to the SEC. *" by Brutus '92, posted at 09:54:19 07/25/20]

Reasons why:

ND has had many opportunities to join the B1G all the way back to the early 90s when Penn State joined. Always
had an excuse to say NO. This is tiresome. Then there is that awkward NBC deal.

There were reports that for ND to get their cozy relationship with the ACC, ND had to sign an agreement that
they would NOT join any other conference until 2024. At that time they will once again be offered membership in the ACC.

For years there have been rumors that Texas and Oklahoma
will be offered B1G membership when the current Big12 contract expires. Fromm a financial standpoint this is a
much better deal than ND for the B1G.

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