these athletic directors are already showing their colors, they’re cutting a bunch of “non revenue” sports (m)

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By osubuckeye1985 on 04:14:37 07/26/20
[In reply to "FBS division question " by WolfBuck, posted at 07:46:13 07/25/20]

:Sports where all the athletes get partial scholarships and pay millions to the universities in tuition / room / board and expenses. these universities are all shortsided and will do anything before cutting football. look at Akron as example #1. you should find the article co authored by pat forde (whose children were college swimmers) about colleges cutting these sports and to see the dynamic happening in college athletics and the disconnect between athletic departments and main campus administrators.

There are 130 schools in the FBS football division. Many of them are always financially hanging by a thread.

: How many will either drop football as a sport or drop down to the FCS division?

: I say at least half. Many can no longer fund a sport always in the red.

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