IMO, it would be even worse if they couldn’t cherry-pick their schedule and play an extra difficult game (m)

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By BayAreaBuck on 14:35:03 07/27/20
[In reply to "Havent they suffered a worse fate in the last 20 years?*" by Buck Soup, posted at 11:19:31 07/27/20]

if they won their division. They don’t make the playoffs two years ago if they had to play Clemson in the ACC title game.

PSU had advantages as an independent that they no longer enjoy. As an example, they requested a bye before the Michigan and OSU games when they joined the BIG 10. As an independent, they were accustomed to this flexibility, as Notre Dame is now.

Their current status allows them to be unique, and more attractive on a national level. I don’t blame them for wanting to maintain this.

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