Sitting here waiting for the vote. Getting more po'd by the second. m

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By bigredbuckeye on 15:09:47 09/14/20

If it's a no vote or vote yes after making our Buckeyes to miss the cfp, we should sue every obstructionist big ten university for breach of contract, bad faith, and abuse of discretion. The strongest proof of abuse of discretion is if the sec, acc, and big 12 successfully prove to play a full season. The abuse of discretion claim would be difficult, but the court (or jurors) could not simply disregard the fact that the sec,acc, and big 12 proved the big 10 was wrong to conclude that the big 10 season couldn't safely be played. And how do those nay sayer universities say it was unsafe for football players but not unsafe for their students who are allowed to physically attend class in person...for tuition money.

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