SEC hired one of Kramer's dudes. a college sports veteran. The B1G hired a college rookie with nothing but...

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By Brutus on 17:33:54 09/14/20
[In reply to "I had a serious case of commissioner envy Saturday. I was on my way home from hiking on the Natchez Trace Parkway and" by Nashville, posted at 17:24:45 09/14/20]

...experience working for 1 team. Not even the league itself. A team within the league. So a guy not involved in the B1G previously. Or college sports. Or running a league.


: there was a CFB preview about the SEC. Oh great, I get to hear this sh*t.

: Greg Sankey was interviewed on the show and the host said to take him back to mid March and describe what was going on.

: He admitted for about a month and a half they really didn’t have a strategy other than hope and they were just in an information gathering stage. They began in earnest the first of May to consider possible return to play options and developed a ‘ton’ as he put of contingency plans based on different metrics that may occur,

: He said he was having conversations with officials from The Bundesliga in mid May and was given a copy of their plans and procedures that he had a committee study. They did the same thing with officials from NASCAR and developed relationships with officials from all of the major sports league and developed a greater understanding of the challenges they’ll be facing. He emphasized the best advice he got was in the beginning from an entomologist who advised to delay any decisions as long as possible.

: Does any of us think Warren and the Big Ten did anything close to what the SEC was doing ? I don’t think Warren is an idiot. I would guess he knew to do similar things but there was never an intent to play. The SEC always had every intention to play.

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