Purina Dog Food recently rebranded their packaging...stick with me this is going somewhere...

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By 8NCs7.5Heismans on 17:57:01 09/14/20

My wife and I have always purchased Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Chicken and Rice for our Labrador Retriever. Blue bag, picture of a gray dog on it...easy peasy. I go to the shelf, look for the blue bag, grab and go.

Recently, some complete frigging MORON in the marketing department thought it would be a good idea to COMPLETELY rebrand the bag. They changed the name from Pro Plan Focus to just Pro Plan, the bag is a completely different color and texture, doesn’t say Chicken and Rice, different dog’s picture on the front, etc., etc.

It’s so bad they even put out videos to try and explain the rebranding, which still didn’t tell us which of the new products we should buy to replace what we were buying so we can avoid upsetting our dog’s stomach.

I’ve never been so frustrated with a brand change in my life. Not because I liked the color of the old bad or the the picture of the dog, but because all I want to do is grab a blue bag of dog food and get out of the store as quickly as possible, and I can’t because some complete frigging moron from the marketing department decided it was a good idea to completely rebrand everything and didn’t bother to take a picture of the old bag and place it on the new bag and say, “hey, this new bag now replaces this old bag.”

Something so simple could have made the entire rebranding very easy instead of a confusing, irritating, pain in the ass.

Honestly, the new bag looks very nice. The graphics are nice, the new dog is cool, and the layout of information looks carefully done...but it doesn’t have a cross reference so buyers know what to buy in place of what they used to buy. Even the store clerks who sell the damn food are confused, “I don’t know sir, they just shipped us new bags. I just work here, dude, I’m not in charge of marketing.”

Kevin Warren and his merry band of Presidents and the PR Firm are the Marketing Department that screwed up the rebranding of Purina Dog food.

It is an incompetent clown show from top to bottom from a conference that prides itself on being leaders.

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