Maybe it is not over yet after all....(m)

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By BuckeyeForever on 22:08:29 09/14/20

I misinterpreted the remarks by UW Chancellor Blank today. Here is what she said:
"I will say we're all going to move together in the Big Ten. We're all going to play or not if we possibly can. This isn't going to be a school by school thing."

I incorrectly interpreted that to mean UW will not vote for the proposed restart date unless all 14 members are VOTING in favor. What she meant probably is that, IF the resolution passes (with 60 % approval), she believes all 14 teams will honor the decision and play. In other words, she believes all 14 teams will play starting on the agreed-upon start date, even if they really don't want to. Just as OSU and Nebraska understood they could not go it alone after they lost 11-3, so will MSU and MI play if they lose the upcoming vote. (New paragraph coming up for the Chicago Manual purists:)
So, it still takes 9 votes to win this, but not unanimity. That's still going to be tough to get the votes we need, but at least there's a cover here for the schools that feel they have to vote against playing based on principle (like MI, where the epidemiologist President seems dug in on his position). He can vote "no," saving face, and agree to send his gladiators to the lions. He loses the vote, but honors the B1G contract.
So, why hasn't this gone through already? Maybe because there still aren't 9 votes for a particular date. I count OSU, NEB, PSU, and Iowa as likely yes votes for October, and maybe PU and WI as well, given assurances of adequate medical surveillence after the medical committee reported. So there's a total of 6. I think we likely lose MI, MSU, MN, MD, and RU, which are swimming in COVID problems on and off campus. So, we need to win over all three of IL, NW, and IN, which have COVID problems too, but which may have been persuaded by the medical committee report.
There won't be any opt-out carrot dangled to get the 9 we need, but Blank's "if we possibly can" clause suggests it may be acceptable for a school to fail, as long as the school nominally complies and makes a good faith effort to compete. Maybe Meatchicken can dress for the first quarter and feign fainting spells before the players are carted away.
I don't know if its reliable, but Wade reportedly has said he won't sign with an agent until Wednesday, so there may still be time to get the original cast together again, if we get an Oct. 17 start date. I'm guessing we may fall short of 9, but the delay may be due to a last ditch appeal to win over a 9th school to put the game away.

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