My daughter spent several days in the ICU due to the flu fighting for her life (m)

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By Barrett777 on 08:16:27 09/15/20
[In reply to "Did they admit you to the hospital for either of those instances? *" by OSUgradinGA, posted at 08:00:04 09/15/20]

She was a HS student at the time.

She developed extremely serious case of pneumonia, and we were told after she fought and recovered by the medical staff that many do not make it once they reach her level. They had to put her in mini coma for 48 hours to allow her body every resource to try to fight it off.

Will never forget those tense moments, hours, and days.

Have no idea how many college age students end up in the hospital or ICU, but the flu can be very deadly for all ages.

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