If he isn't fired for this, what is the lesson?

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By CNYBuckeye on 11:45:32 09/15/20
[In reply to "There will be case studies in business and management courses for years on this colossal failure of leadership *" by Buck the Trend, posted at 10:53:20 09/15/20]

Inherit a thriving operation, do absolutely nothing, don't even respond to emails or questions, and keep collecting your check as the operation goes down in flames?

Seems like the standard crap CEOs get away with. "Sorry I bankrupted your company, I'll be taking my bonus anyway".

Am I the only schmuck who believes I have to actually work and do a good job in order to get my paycheck?

If he isn't fired, I would like to apply now to be the next B1G commissioner. I could "work" from home and not answer anyone quite easily.

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