He's in over his head. He went from the bottom rung straight to the top in too short of time, IMO(m)

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By OscarSierraUniform on 10:02:14 10/15/20
[In reply to "LOL Sir Yacht tweeted that a "source" text him that Tom Herman is done at Texas. LOL he has "sources" " by BuckeyeGirl, posted at 09:16:18 10/15/20]

If you work your way up the ladder to a blueblood program, you have more learning experiences to keep the blueblood a blueblood and to keep your job.

He was too impatient.

Tom would've done better had he stayed at Houston a little longer of went from Houston to say, any lower to mid-tier P5 like a Kansas or Baylor.

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