Coaches records in 7-point games. Urban shines big time (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:24:07 10/15/20

Urban was an amazing 23-3 at OSU in games decided by 7 points or less. What is funny is we all rehash the 3 losses (Clemson Orange Bowl in 2014, MSU in 2015, and @PSU in 2016 with the 4th Quarter blocked kicks) a lot because all were games that were there to be won.

What is lost in that thinking though is all of the close games where OSU executed in various facets to pull out the tight games. It starts with the Head Coach, and making sure the team is highly prepared and able to execute in the clutch. Toughness clearly plays into the end of many of these games.

Records of coaches in games decided by 7 points or less:

Ryan Day (0-1) Yes, it is early. Listing by OSU coaches in order going back to Woody.

Urban at OSU (23-3) - 88.5%

Jim Tressel at OSU (25-13) - 65.8%

John Cooper at OSU (19-16-4) - 53.8%

Earle Bruce at OSU (21-19-1) - 52.4%

Woody Hayes at OSU (47-27-10) - 61.9%

Other B1G coaches:

Harbaugh (7-9) - 43.8%

James Franklin (19-14) - 57.6%

Mark Dantonio (25-17) - 59.5%

Other top coaches at dominant programs this century:

Nick Saban at Alabama (22-17) - 56.4%

Dabo Swinney at Clemson (27-15) - 64.3% (Note - Dabo's winning percentage has been close to Urban's over the last 6 years)

Pete Carroll at USC (18-16) - 52.9%

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