it's weird to complain about the RBs after this kind of production today...

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By Brutus on 14:10:18 11/21/20
[In reply to "That RB room is even weaker now with Teague's ankle injury*" by Writer, posted at 14:03:03 11/21/20]

...but I have to agree. they get what's there and Teague can plow ahead and grind some more after contact but this is average at best stuff from OSU RBs. I'm not saying they're a weakness but they're not a strength and not guys that a defense is like 'oh damn we gotta do something about Sermon and Teague.'

Maybe if Crowley gets healthy and can get some burn the next couple of games he can be more of a difference maker?

all that being said, the way both were able to grind today was valuable.

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