On 4th and short at end you kick the FG. Indiana’s main chance was OSU going for it (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:32:32 11/21/20

I get it that replacement FG kicker missed one earlier. That was longer. This one was near XP, where he was 6-6.

Sure the play was there, kind of, but from an odds perspective Indiana’s changes went up with OSU going for it. A 10 point lead with 4 minutes is 98% as good as a 14 point lead at that stage if the game. Giving a chance for Indiana yo get the ball back needing only a TD and 2 point play to win if OSU does not convert was simply dumb. Every bit as dumb as Justin throwing passes up while under duress.

Those sorts of decisions will cost OSU in big games in the future. For some reason the basics seem to be too boring if not exciting enough right now. Playing for Championships and pure team winning has to Trump awards and the need to stay at the top of the media hype narratives.

Disagree all you want as a fan, but from a pure strategy perspective that was emotion making that decision and not sound logic.

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