All 3 on your list are due to Fields’ injury. I was more upset with the 2 handoffs that followed the slide

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By Mr.C on 15:37:57 01/12/21
[In reply to "There were 3 plays from last night that really bothered me. 2 were missed throws by Fields but the 3rd was the biggest.." by QueensBuck, posted at 15:31:05 01/12/21]

that you’re talking about, although I agree it would have been nice to see him power through that run. I think we got a lousy spot on it too, not that it mattered.

: Not necessarily in game order:
: 1 Perfect set up screen to Teague that Fields threw poorly. Replay showed he could have walked 10 yds without contact. Reminded me of that screen play that JK dropped last yr vs Clemson where it was the PERFECT call. Fields can't miss an easy throw like that.
: 2 In the red zone Wilson is open on a fade. Wide open. Doesn't have to be a perfect throw but Fields throws it out of bounds. Missed by a lot. Again, not a difficult throw and one that has to be made. We wound up with a FG instead of a TD and the rout was soon on.
: 3 The play that angered me was when Fields, in 4th Q, is running on a 2nd and long and slide 5 yds short of first down. He could have easily got more yardage or maybe even the 1st down if he doesn't play it safe and slide. It's the 4th Q of a NC game and you're fighting from behind. This is no time to protect your body if you can get a 1st down. This was the series where we got stopped on 4th down in our own territory.
: Why not let it ride there and go for the first down? Left a bad taste in my mouth about the game and about Fields. I know he is playing hurt but this is for the NC.

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