Herman is gone because he lost Texas HS recruits and specifically QBs...

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By Brutus on 15:52:43 01/12/21
[In reply to "Hello darkness my old friend. I can accept yesterday's defeat. I cannot accept the thought of Sark (m)" by GST64, posted at 15:36:37 01/12/21]

: trying to poach and flip Ewers. Day's 2022 class being built around him. (I think he knows that.) No evidence that he would do this, but what better way possible would there be to jumpstart his tenure at Texas, then by flipping the #1 QB, and pulling the rug out from underneath Day's class, and OSU's future. The thought of this makes me sick!

...Sark is there to put an end to that. Ewers decommiting from Texas reportedly because of Herman was the last straw. But there is plenty of time for Texas and now Sark to win back Ewers for the Horns. We'll see what happens but regardless Herman is gone because Texas was being raided on his watch.

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