Bama was going to score anyway. I get wanting to try to bend and not break and hold them to a FG here and there...

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By Brutus on 15:58:53 01/12/21
[In reply to "Been thinking about the strategy of conceding yardage and banking on red zone stops...m" by 8NCs7.5Heismans, posted at 15:54:00 01/12/21]

...but it became apparent early that wasn't viable.

So the adjustment needed to be to try to pressure the hell out of Jones. Yes they'd hit big plays but they were scoring anyway. so OSU had to try to create more negative plays and turnovers ala the Browning strip sack and scoop. Not saying it would have worked but that really became the only option.

But that Bama OL was really outstanding. Like ridiculous. not sure anything OSU threw at them would have mattered.

: Easy to second guess after the fact, and I know they were thinking “keep everything in front of you” but that strategy was brutal...gave up time of possession, gassed the defense, etc.

: Almost rather let them hit something explosive and get the offense back out there to try and match it and let the D rest

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