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By Brutus on 16:09:27 01/12/21
[In reply to "texas recruiting started going south in browns last 2 or 3 years, strong(m) solidified it as 2nd tier, Herman" by woodhaze, posted at 16:00:58 01/12/21]

2019 Texas top 20 recruits...
Herman got #6, #9 and #18

2020 Texas top 20 recruits...
Herman got #7, #8, #10, #16, #17

2021 Texas top 20 recruits...
Herman got #3

and that's it.

3 recruiting cycles. 60 total recruits from texas. he got 6 in the top 10 and 10 overall.

that ain't good enough in a state like that in a place like that regardless of how you might make up for it in overall class ranking. His wins and losses clearly were an issue as well but weren't that terrible either and actually trended up nicely at the end of this season winning 5 of their last 6 in a year with 3 losses (not great) by a total of 13 points.

Ewers leaving Texas after having him committed was the final straw. as it marked the continuation of the recruiting trend that would continue to lead to iffy results.

: solidified their 2nd tier recruiting - herman's 3 classes were ranked 3rd, 3rd and 8th nationally - this year's class has been a problem - and herman's problem was the play on the field

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