Without Fields that game could have literally been 70-0 (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:09:58 01/12/21
[In reply to "you seem to not like Fields. good news is he'll be gone and you don't have to watch him again" by Brutus, posted at 16:01:00 01/12/21]

Justin was an absolute warrior. Definitely in pain, but played through it.

Many might not realize JF missed some practices early last week. That hurts. Some wrinkles they might be able to put in might be left out, and the timing of new plays are simply off. Screen pass to Teague for example. With reps shortened this week if they practiced that play some it probably was with Justin and Sermon. Seems so easy for fans to see a QB miss a target, but the exact path and timing the receiver on makes a difference. Add a pass rush and QB on the move and it is not as easy as it looks.

The area I think OSU could have done serious damage to Bama's D is with Justin running more. Clearly they kept that limited due to his injury and pain, but as Bama keyed more and more on others he finally took off a few times for big yardage. Bama has major problems covering a QB that can run and pass. Fields could have easily put up over 100 yards rushing if healthy, and that would have opened up the run lanes for the RB's and also opened up some play action on pass/run rollouts.

Playing QB is tough at OSU. Expectations now are north of perfection at times. Justin gave up his body in several big games this year and took some huge shots. QB's who do that tend to get dinged by year end.

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