Did anyone else get the feel that Day at times was trying to keep the score down more than (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:23:44 01/12/21

go out guns blazing trying anything to win even if the odds were high?

Urban got on the ends of some bad blowouts by never giving in and going for everything full go. Seemed to mainly value W/L over keeping score down for appearance sake.

There were times at the end of the Half, and in the 2nd half where I felt the strategy was more to contain the score margin than throw caution to the wind and play 100% aggressive.

Post game Day did admit he would have liked to use more up tempo on Offense, but decided against it because it would have put Bama's O out there more against OSU's D. Seemed like somewhat of a concession to not give the Offense its best advantage to protect against Bama getting more opportunities to ring up the scoreboard.

Ole Miss got in a wild shootout by going uptempo with Bama.

OSU ran only 62 plays yesterday on Offense. That is the fewest plays on Offense in the last 3 years.

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