I was not a fan of basically conceding yardage in hopes of tightening up in the red zone...m

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By 8NCs7.5Heismans on 19:52:46 01/12/21
[In reply to "Long, lousy game. Ended too late to sleep before an early flight so I gambled all night. Then had a fairly long" by Smartwater, posted at 19:31:03 01/12/21]

Far be it from me to criticize the professionals who do this stuff for a living, but I thought we played into their strengths...make Mac Jones hit the deep balls all night, not the easy, high percentage stuff down field.

: cross country flight. I have had a meal, I have a clearer head. Still haven't watched the tape. But, I have concluded something. Not a knee jerk reaction, either. I would demote or fire a DC for handing an already outstanding offense an avalanche of a schematic advantage for playing that defense and not running Watts, Cavazos, and Martinez out there to at least try and outnumber and/or run with those receivers. You have to take someone away. With that set up, Bama had their choice to let Harris, Smith, or Billingsly take over the game. Took nothing away and enhanced their advantages. Every play they wanted to run was there almost every time they wanted to run it.
: Absurd.

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