a) 8 team playoff. b) drop from 85 scholarships to 75 as this would better disburse talent...

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By Brutus on 02:00:28 01/13/21
[In reply to "Ok. You become College football commish. How to make it better" by nospreaddefense, posted at 00:10:10 01/13/21]

...coaches will kick and scream about depth (but they'll say it's about player safety and not having a player out there before he is 'ready') and they're not wrong but if you want to make more teams have more legit chances at the NC you have to put a mechanism in place to disburse talent around.

c) revamp OOC schedules - no FCS teams for starters. some how incentivize big OOC games between P5 teams.

d) this is a small one but I'd adopt NFL time rules. get rid of the clock stopping on a 1st down and stuff like that. games take forever.

: Some original thoughts.
: Expand playoffs to 8. Five conference winners and top group of five and two at large.
: Conference champ games best two teams in conference and not crap division winners
: All conferences play same number of conference games
: Reduce season by one game. All it did was add a crappy fcs school to schedule anyway. One bye only and season wand week before thanksgiving for all teams not making playoff let kids have a break before bowl game if not in conference championship
: Conferences have preset ooc games against various conferences on a rotating basis where you play same place finisher from year before
: Wi fi that actually works in all stadiums and all replays shown in stadium
: Limit to one minute on replays. If it is not obvious don’t overturn
: No sec officials allowed to ref playoff games ever again
: Sport needs tweaked. Game too regional and predictable

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