Many have said Marcus Crowley was the answer. Averaged 9.5 ypc prior to Bama game (m)

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By Barrett777 on 03:12:36 01/13/21
[In reply to "Were Miyan healthy, would he have been in vs Teague?" by In Paris, posted at 01:49:47 01/13/21]

Marcus got 6 carries in that game for only 14 yards. Bama treated him like a rag doll like they treated Sermon on the first play where they slammed him down and hurt him.

Bama whipped OSU's OL upfront. It happens.

Bama previously had only allowed one team to have anyone go over 100 yards rushing in a game this year. It was Ole Miss. They did two things OSU did not. They went extreme uptempo and tired Bama out on D, and they also ran the Spread and the QB was a live option to run which opened up the RB's.

OSU chose to not go uptempo because it would further expose the D to Bama's O and they would have scored 70. Second important detail is OSU was protecting Justin early running the ball, and that allowed Bama to focus only on the RB.

Teague was hurt vs NW and Clemson and was out. He is in the top 2 with Sermon.

I believe Miyan would have been treated the way Crowley was.

Teague IMO was not in the top 10 issues for OSU in that game. He scored 2 of the 3 TD's, and averaged more yards per carry than Najee did. When neither QB is a run threat, a good D can take away the RB if they want.

Bama was not Clemson or NW.

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