It was not good but not unexpected and I have seen far worse performances from the OSU D... additionally...

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By jdoncbus on 07:17:09 01/13/21
[In reply to "The source doesn't make it any less true, or do you believe it was one of tOSU's better efforts. *" by saludabuck, posted at 07:08:10 01/13/21]

I am not excusing the horrendous performance but after watching some games this season any college football fan could tell Ohio State's secondary was a huge problem. I distinctly recall after the Indiana game seeing a highlight of Alabama and thinking aloud "their offense will massacre the Buckeye secondary" and if we are being honest, I think most fans expected Clemson to do something similar.

As for the snarky "LOL" reply, my apologies but USA Today and most sports media outlets' college football coverage is so lazy. That was nowhere near the worst defensive performance by Ohio State on a big stage, couple that with defenses in general giving up way more yards/points than ever, I found the headline laughable.

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