As I reflect back on the season...

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By Dr. Buckeye on 07:57:38 01/13/21
[In reply to "USA Today...Given the stakes, the performance of the Buckeyes' defense will go down as the worst in program history. *" by saludabuck, posted at 04:56:16 01/13/21]

It's a miracle they got as far as they did. I don't know how Alabama avoided a severe COVID outbreak but after OSU's third game it became a daily grind just to see who was going to get it next, who wouldn't be able to play. That had to mentally drain the team, for sure. I saw an interview with Chris Olave where he said he was quarantined for 2 weeks in a hotel room, couldn't go outside or see anyone. Had to do workouts in his room. When you consider the number of players/coaches on the team who had to go through that protocol I cant imagine how difficult that must have been. Add on the emotional win over Clemson and I think it was asking a bit too much to expect the team to rise to that level again against Alabama. Of course, Alabama had a lot to do with that.

Obviously, the defensive effort wasn't strong but unlike other years far more played into it than what was on the surface.

I think Ryan Day put it best - "We need a break. We all need to get away for a long, long while. ... You can't just go back to work here. There needs to be some time to rest and reflect."

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