I think he wants a new challenge like the NFL. He could have had the TX job if he wanted. But he should speak to Saban &

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By QueensBuck on 08:24:51 01/13/21
[In reply to "Urban has issues acceoting one loss a season, even the great ones in the nfl " by RandyH, posted at 08:09:24 01/13/21]

Spurrier. Two very successful college coaches that flopped in NFL.

: have years with multiple losses. I can't see him lasting long even after a 12-4 year. Saban didn't last long in the NFL, he was miserable there for multiple reasons.
: Spurrier wasn't effective in the NFL
: Why would Mariotti go with him, by the time most guys get to the NFL, the physical development part of a player is done.
: You have to deal with union and league rules, good luck getting a group of guys in their mid 20-30's into a facility at 6am during the off season.
: He's on a good career path right now, he does very well in his new role, no pressure yet he still remains close to the game.

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