Curious about comments by several posters yesterday re: Bama's players appeared bigger/more (m)

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By GST64 on 09:50:46 01/13/21

and more muscular than Buckeyes as they lined up. Raises the questions as to their use of performance enhancing drugs (i.e steroids), or even a legal performance tonic. I am not an expert on this topic, but the guy who is, is Mickey Maroti. Would be very interested to hear his take on this question? His strength and conditioning protocol seems very advanced. Are they doing something he is not aware of?

Interesting historical perspective on the topic. It was as I recall the 1988 Rose Bowl, Michigan vs. ASU. On TV the Michigan players looked like midgets compared to ASU as they lined up together. Schembechler noticed it as well. After the game (which they lost) he complained they were on steroids. Then when Cooper arrived at OSU the following spring I recall him saying that he had something like a dozen players
at ASU capable of bench pressing 400 lbs. OSU had none! He inherited (as he remarked) a bunch of slow, and I would add, weak white guys.

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