losing him early was a big deal. he was in some kind of groove and we'll never know what happens...

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By Brutus on 10:30:30 01/13/21
[In reply to "Sermon against NU and Clemson. 60 carries for 524 Yards, 8.7 YPC.." by DaytonBuck, posted at 10:05:08 01/13/21]

...the dropoff from what Sermon was looking like the back end of the year and what came in to replace him was striking. Crowley looked deer in the headlights and it's tough to blame him after sitting basically all year. Teague is Teague maybe he gets more wiggle back as he gets more past that injury but at the moment he'll get pretty much what is blocked and that's it. Sermon had huge holes but had the feet and quickness to make a guy miss in the hole and we saw him throwing dudes around. it makes a difference.

Zero reason to respect OSU's RBs after Sermon went out. we all know Fields wasn't 100% to begin with. Probably doesn't change the result of the game if Sermon stayed in but there's every chance it stays a game much longer.

: Alabama likely wins even if he gets hurt. And it doesn't excuse the defensive effort.

: Once Sermon went down, we were toast. We had a gimpy QB and no fear of a rushing attack.

: I guess I'm fighting back against the notion that Alabama was in a different league than OSU.

: We score much more than 24 with Sermon and a healthy Fields.

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