Bama is not NW or Clemson. I saw one play with Trey vs Bama and they treated him like a rag doll (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:49:44 01/13/21
[In reply to "Sermon against NU and Clemson. 60 carries for 524 Yards, 8.7 YPC.." by DaytonBuck, posted at 10:05:08 01/13/21]

We can assume that is the one bad play, and the next 19 would look just like NW game. We could also assume the next 19 carries would look like the first, and maybe that might be more accurate since the only fact we have of Trey vs Bama was not a good play for the Bucks.

Teague actually ran hard and broke some tackles. He averaged more ypc than Najee did who is an incredible RB. Both defenses are tough to run on. Najee killed OSU coming out of the backfield in the pass game more than he did the run game. If Trey had proven to be more of a pass receiving threat coming out of the backfield I think there would be merit to that argument. Unfortunately OSU did not use the RB's or TE's much in the pass game.

Najee is better than Trey. Najee had big games rushing versus other teams, but did not have the same success versus OSU. Najee rushed for only 79 yards on 22 carries for a meager 3.6 yards.

If OSU held Najee to 3.6 ypc, why should we assume Bama was not capable of shutting down OSU's run game equally? If Justin was a legit run threat then OSU had an advantage Bama did not with a QB who is second run threat, but OSU did not have that so it was equal.

BTW, NW sat back in schemes to defend the pass and gave up the running game. Also got destroyed upfront by OSU OL. Clemson has a young DL. OSU dominated upfront. Sermon had big holes versus Clemson to run through. ACC was proven to be very weak when losing all of their Bowl games.

Bama DL was more healthy than they have been and was simply a different test of athletes, size, strength, maturity, and scheme than anything OSU previously had seen. Bama flat out won the LOS on both sides. Trey does not change that.

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