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By 8NCs7.5Heismans on 11:11:02 01/13/21

1. It was clear that Bama was the more prepared team. As I mentioned, Sark schemed up Coombs and took his lunch money just like Day did to Venables the week before. That’s the first thing and it’s HUGE. Have a schematic advantage enables a team with lesser players compete better against a more skilled/athletic team.

2. It was also clear that Bama had better backup players as well as some better starters. Their backups probably benefited from more game reps, and perhaps they are prepared more by the coaches. On paper, our rosters are similar, but on the field, their roster was better. More prepared, etc. would have loved to had the guys missing from covid. But, Bama was missing some guys too.

3. So better roster and schematic advantage. That’s huge.

4. Fields was not a real threat to run. That is also huge, and I believe could have made it easier to keep pace scoring.

5. The Sermon injury was a massive in game blow. We had to have him for the whole game and he needed to have an Harris like performance...and I think he could have.

6. So with the run game in the shitter, Bama was able to defend the passing attack better. They were not concerned with Teague. Sorry, it is what it is.

7. Lastly the intangibles...I believe the team shot it’s was in the Clemson game. I also believe they spent a lot more time preparing for Clemson. Would love to know the man hours put into Clemson versus Alabama. It is incredibly hard to get up and play the best game of your season 2 weeks in a row against 2 elite programs. Think about it. Who else in the country has had to face Clemson and Alabama back to back. No one. We split the series, which is fantastic! Lastly the grind of Covid. The B1G protocols and the on and off cycle of the season just finally took its toll. What I saw out there was a program running on an empty tank, fighting like hell, but just not able to keep up.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it just is what it is. There were a multitude of factors that went into the loss. It wasn’t one coach or one play, or one was a multitude of things that were all bad, and we needed a multitude of good things to happen to win that game. We had very little that was good. Some self inflicted some out of our control.

Going forward...we need a deeper roster with more guys ready to get in the game and produce. Day needs to sell it and he needs to play more guys. Especially against our weaker opponents.

We need a better defensive scheme. I’m not an x and o guy, but I look around the country and see others doing better on defense with lesser ingredients.

Lastly, we should be incredibly proud of the program. No one plays Clemson and Alabama back to back and wins both of those games. Almost everyone in the country loses both of those games.

The future is bright at Ohio State! Go Bucks!

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