Najee killed OSU in the pass game, not his rushing. Would Trey playing match Najee in the pass game? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:22:32 01/13/21
[In reply to "Here’s my two cents on the loss...m" by 8NCs7.5Heismans, posted at 11:11:02 01/13/21]

If so you have a a point about Trey matching Najee.

Teague matched Najee in the run game.

RB situation was not in the top 10 issues for OSU losing that game no matter how many times it is brought up.

One thing you left out. If OSU had used the TE's and RB's more during the season and had them as important part of game plan that would have helped big time.

Najee is a huge weapon out of the backfield for Bama. OSU's passing to the RB's is primitive in comparison. Their screen game is light years ahead as that game showed.

Second issue is OSU playing in the B1G. Sorry, but NW and Indiana do not prepare you for playing Bama. The B1G is dimply down right now. When SCum, PSU, MSU, and Wiscy are down that hurts OSU.

Third issue is while OSU played an A+ game versus Clemson, there were too many other games where OSU played C and D games. The Bucks simply out talented far inferior teams. Think Rutgers, Indiana, and NW as prime examples. Those should have each been blowouts if the Bucks are firing on all cylinders.

OSU played like they did against the B1G teams versus Bama, and were not able to repeat the A game played versus Clemson. Turns out that was the only time OSU played like they were capable all year.

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