' To assume though he would do the same versus Alabama is extremely assumptive IMO' <-- who is doing this?

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By Brutus on 11:23:27 01/13/21
[In reply to "Playing ACC competition. The first game vs ND Kyren Williams rushed for 140 yards on 23 carries, 3 rush TD's (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 11:07:43 01/13/21]

...besides no one

: Book also rushed for another 67 yards.

: VT's RB, Khalil Herbert rushed for 96 yards on 21 carries and a rush TD.

: Clemson had not faced a team anywhere close to OSU. ND might match on the OL, but do not have the weapons all around like OSU has. OSU throwing to the TE's put the Clemson LB's in quick sand. They are used big time in the run game normally, and now they had a pick your poison situation.

: BV also got destroyed with all of his trying to read the Offense before snap and his gambling. They were not even set on some of Trey's big runs.

: This is not to take away from what Trey did in either the NW or Clemson games. Those were legendary games. To assume though he would do the same versus Alabama is extremely assumptive IMO. The one carry versus Bama did not resemble any carry I saw versus NW or Clemson. Bama's DL won upfront versus OSU. OSU OL won upfront versus NW and Clemson. Huge difference between these games when trying to compare.

: The one team that did have RB's gain over 100 yards versus Bama were from Ole Miss. Repeating myself now, but there were two huge differences:

: 1. Ole Miss went extreme uptempo and forced Bama to keep their defenders on the field. OSU went extreme slow tempo, and it was on purpose to keep Bama O off the field. OSU ran only 62 plays on O which is the lowest in last 3 seasons. No other team had success running the ball on Bama this year other than Ole Miss.

: 2. Corral was a legit run threat for Ole Miss at QB. If Justin
: was healthy, and willing to run 20+ times the RB yardage would have also increased. Bama did not respect Justin keeping. Eventually in the 2nd half Justin kept it a couple times and made big yardage. Too little, and too late. No way Justin would have lasted the game though if they put him in harms way a lot early in the run game.

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