Teague scored 2 of OSU's 3 TD's, and averaged more ypc than Najee. Without Justin running OSU was not (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:34:14 01/13/21
[In reply to "Teague is / was not a worry to Bama. Sermon has been much better and may have made Bama load the box a little more *" by Trucker22, posted at 11:23:53 01/13/21]

going to gash Bama in the run game.

Many forget that Cardale carried 17 times versus Bama. EzE went off, but the threat of the QB run puts Bama D on skates way more than teams with no QB threat.

Without Justin running, Trey was not going to gash them.

Crowley averaged 9.5 yards per carry in his career versus all other teams. Averaged less than two yards per carry versus Bama.

OSU going slow tempo also hurt the run game. Allowed Bams to keep their big boys upfront fresh, and they played like it.

Simply put, Bama won upfront on both sides of the LOS. No RB is going to have a big day when that happens.

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