Besides several? If Trey played then this and that would have happened (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:39:24 01/13/21
[In reply to "' To assume though he would do the same versus Alabama is extremely assumptive IMO' <-- who is doing this?" by Brutus, posted at 11:23:27 01/13/21]

Bama's DL won upfront. Nothing with Trey playing changes that.

We could assume in similar fashion that if Chris Olave did not play that he would have had some huge game like he did versus Clemson. Since he did play we know that did not happen.

Few are talking about how Bama contained the extreme talented pair of GW and CO to only 11 receptions for 119 yards. No other team was capable of doing that prior.

Both teams were missing or lost some key players. Bama was simply a different beast in the end.

The most important takeaway is Bama won the LOS on both sides. That has not happened to OSU since Iowa 2017, and then Clemson in 2016.

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