No excuses from my but a wish list ... a Clemson performance from Justin, Trey for the whole game and Togai and Smith

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By JerseyBuck on 11:41:21 01/13/21
[In reply to "it's taboo for players and coaches to dwell on excuses but we've no lack of them to discuss as fans. Here's my list:" by escargray, posted at 09:41:55 01/13/21]

Bama probably still wins but we would have put the fear of god in them.

And who knows, if we could have matched them on TDs, their O has more pressure to score and it also gives our D motivation

covid casualties
: half as much game experience during the season as opponent
: lost 1st string running back first play
: played with an injured qb

: That's a pretty unusual and impressive list.
: I'm sure there are other more conventional factors.
: And it doesn't mean we'd have won otherwise.
: I'm just saying, for recruiting and prestige and wounded pride purposes, it saves us face somewhat.

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