OSU set a program record this year. First year since records kept that only 1 player threw every pass in a season (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:27:13 01/13/21

Going back to 1990 the fewest combined passes thrown by everyone else other than main passer was 20 passes. That amount was on the low side of most years.

1946 is the last year enough records are kept. There were several throwing passes during the 40's and 50's so this record very well would extend to the beginning of OSU football well over 100 years ago.

Speaks to three things,

1. Shortened season gave fewer games and prep time for backups. That said, they did not play a lot of games pre 1970 so it is still noteworthy.

2. OSU blew some opportunities to get backups quality PT by not closing teams out.

3. Some of the games Ryan Day decided to not rub it in, so had the backup QB's just hand off or run a few times.

Very amazing though to realize only Justin Fields threw a pass for OSU this year. Does not help for next year, and also could send a bad message to future recruits.

2020 season was a weird duck season for lots of reasons, and this is one more anomaly that I hope we do not see again.

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