Tua got hurt senior year. Not really a runner. Joe Burrow got hurt with Bengals passing. (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:22:04 01/13/21
[In reply to "All three were scrambling quarterbacks. That's what happens with those.*" by Hibernobuck, posted at 13:33:18 01/13/21]

No doubt dual threat QB's take more of a beating, but passing QB's also get dinged up depending on their OL's. QB's with mobility and pocket presence can lessen the risk.

It is amazing how much Lamar Jackson runs in the NFL, and likewise in college and never got hurt. Same with DeShaun Watson. Russell Wilson also runs around, and at times takes off.

Key I think is to try to avoid the big hits as much as possible. Braxton, JTB, and Fields all ran outside and inside a good bit. It is those inside runs in traffic that add up over time.

Sermon had a single run on the inside and got injured. That is how easy a single play can take a runner out.

NFL is going more and more to QB's that can minimally move around to escape if not take off at key times. Mahomes a great example as is Russell Wilson.

Trevor Lawrence for having a tall slight build takes off quite a bit. Could not believe how much they ran him inside versus OSU. They knew to try to get Etinne free on the outside they had to risk TL on the inside.

There is a reason few NFL teams run the ball very well anymore. With all of the spread, having a single run threat (RB) in the backfield is easy to scheme against. The teams that have QB's that are willing to keep have the best run games. Ravens being a great current example.

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