I'm a Browns fan (used to have season tix) and I root for the Bengals tho not with the same passion - 2 things - (m)

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By woodhaze on 10:37:25 01/24/23
[In reply to "Browns fan here, but for some strange reason I find myself rooting for Bengals in playoffs. *" by ZEKE, posted at 09:01:31 01/23/23]

first, for the main part, browns and bengals have never been good at the same time, so there's not gut wrenching playoff loss (or many other important losses) to hate the bengals for - 2nd, was doing with non-profits a few years back - they both had tie ins with the bengals and ended up meeting and working with marvin lewis - he is just a great person - as the handwriting on the wall was forming, it was sad to see that he was gonna get fired - rooted for the bengals to win for him (didnt make any difference - ha) - never quite pulled back my rooting for the bengals despite my browns fandom

2 notes on the bengals - not sure why people conintually overlook their defense - theyre really good

everybody loves burrow even to the point of calling him the next Brady - he's still underrated

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