This. Joe was clearly the #2 until he broke his hand. Put him way behind the rest of the season (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:07:51 01/24/23
[In reply to "90% of people have no clue Joe broke his hand in 2017 which put him behind Haskins *" by buckeyeinthechi, posted at 12:44:30 01/24/23]

Dwayne mentally did not know the playbook in 2017, and was not the 2018 version most remember him for.

The Jeaux Burrow 2019 version was WAY better than the 2018 version at LSU.

2019 Jeaux numbers: 76% completion percentage, 5671 yards passing, 60 TD passes

2018 Jeaux numbers: 57% completion percentage, 2894 passing yards, 16 TD passes.

Joe Brady joined LSU in 2019 and made a HUGE difference. He should be given a ton of credit for both Jeaux and LSU's incredible 2019 season. Obviously Jeaux improved a great deal from 2018 to 2019, but he also thrived in Brady's system and under his coaching.

Many remember Dwayne's 2017 SCum game, but they forget Urban had to bring JTB and the starters back in on Senior day after Dwayne had some bad plays including fumbling the ball and having it returned for a TD by Illinois. Urban gave Dwayne a lot of PT in that game, and there were some bad moments. So much so that Urban brought JTB and the seniors on Offense back in after giving them their Senior Day curtain call.

Going into the SCum game Urban did not trust Dwayne much. He was left with no choice when JTB could not play any further due to his knee locking up completely as a result of the ridiculous incident on the sideline where he got kneecapped.

Dwayne filled in big time in relief versus SCum. Urban also simplified the playbook a lot once Dwayne came in. Dwayne completed 6 passes for 94 yards. The throw to Austin Mack was sensational, but other than that the throws were basic reads and throws. OSU's D also woke up and shut down SCum over the final 22 minutes of that game which was huge. OSU also relied on a punishing ground game in that 2nd half and pounded SCum.

Net-net: Dwayne was a way better QB in 2018 than he was in 2017. Jeaux was hurt in 2017, or would have been a viable #2 backup to get more PT. Dwayne had a lot better 2018 than Jeaux had, but one will never know how Joe would have done if the QB in the OSU system in 2018. The 2019 Jeaux was way better than the 2018 Jeaux version, but LSU also had a complete different offense and QB/OC in Joe Brady.

In the end it all worked out for both Dwayne and Jeaux, and for OSU and LSU. Urban also recruited and signed Cam Newton at Florida. That same Cam Newton transferred and eventually became a star at Auburn leading them to a NC and became the #1 pick in the NFL with a long successful NFL career. Clearly a better NFL career than Tebow had. Urban had a knack for recruiting a lot of great QB's, and developing other great qB's like Alex Smith who he did not recruit.

Urban either successfully recruited or developed 3 different #1 draft picks at QB in Alex Smith, Cam Newton, and Jeaux Burrow. Not sure if there is another college HC of any era that could say the same?

Link: Many forget this happened the week before the 2017 SCum game.

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