OSU has 3 main football goals. Beat SCum, win the B1G, and win the NC. Last two years they have met 0 of those goals (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:25:49 01/24/23
[In reply to "I prefer Day over the Meyer we had from 2015-2018. But maybe Ryan could give Urbz a call before the next M game *" by Mr.C, posted at 13:08:23 01/24/23]

Heard Josh Perry talk about this topic on the BTN after the close loss to UGA. He said he really appreciated how hard the team fought and how well they played in that game. He then add with all that said, at OSU you do not measure yourself by losing close games to top teams. You measure yourself versus the 3 main goals that OSU has every single year. That is number one to beat SCum, number 2 to win the Big Ten (B1G), and number 3 to win the NC.

In 2017 and 2018 OSU beat SCum and won the B1G. In each year they also won major Bowl games.

Josh Perry closed with as hard is it is to say and to swallow, the last two seasons have been failures because not a single main goal was accomplished.

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