Agree with 2017 - needed to be an open competition after the 31-0 debacle...

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By Brutus on 13:44:51 01/24/23
[In reply to "Twitter roasting Urban on Burrow" by Eph97, posted at 12:03:19 01/24/23]

...there's no guarantee that Burrow becomes Joe Burr if not for the transfer. Stuff like that can ignite something in anyone, that urgency that comes with transferring with 2 years left and basically 0 snaps on the resume...maybe it unlocked something in the player. We'll never know.

Regardless...Haskins played pretty great so its hard to say Urb got the choice woefully wrong. But people like to roast Urb because he is such a target rich environment. It is what it is.

: I've seen many twitter accounts saying how could Urban screw up and pick Haskins over Burrow. Coaches don't have a crystal ball so can't fault them for 2018 qb battle. However, for 2017 Urban should have went with Haskins or Burrow after it was apparent from 31-0 Clemson loss that JTB could't get it done against elite competition. That defense in 2017 was elite and it was squandered away by having JTB as qb on offense. Even after he threw 4 picks against Iowa he remained starter. Someone like Saban would have benched him and made the switch at least at that point. Who knows with dominant wins from that point on maybe they get in to the playoffs.

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