Sometimes the truth might be more in the middle (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:12:45 01/24/23
[In reply to "In 2018 Joe Burrow played at LSU . He was ordinary . Anyone claiming they knew Burrow could be this good " by NortonBuckeye, posted at 13:28:04 01/24/23]

There was no way in 2017 or 2018 to know Joe would become the Joe everyone knows now. Foolish for anyone to say otherwise.

At the same time, it is also fair to discuss the possibility that the 2018 team could have won all of the games including the Purdue game if Joe had been the QB. Why is that? Dwayne was unwilling to run for most of the season and it impacted the Offense greatly. When Urban came back he was furious about it, and given Dwayne did not respond to the urging then Tate was inserted in Goal line and short yardage situations. Dwayne got the point before the Maryland game, and a good thing he did. All 3 of his running TD's in that game were huge.

Many blame the Purdue loss all on the Defense. They were not good that day, but actually better than how they played versus Maryland in a game the Bucks won.

While no way to prove it, I think there was a good chance OSU beats Purdue with Joe playing QB in 2018. Because Dwayne was unwilling to run, the Offense became very RPO dominant and the OL became reactive and not aggressive in run blocking.

The Purdue score was 14-3 at Half, and only 21-6 at the end of the 3rd quarter. OSU did not score its first TD in that game until 9:36 was left in the game.

Purdue's D finished #83 in scoring D that season.

Purdue gave up 40+ points to Missouri, Wisconsin, ad Minnesota that season. Auburn scored 56 points in the First Half versus the same D that OSU only scored 3 total points against in the first half in the loss.

OSU did not beat a final AP ranked top 10 team in 2018. It was a fairly easy schedule in hindsight. There was not a team on that schedule that OSU could not have beat with Joe playing normal football in a balanced offense featuring the pass and run game. Would they have? No way to know 100%. It did not take a Heisman level performance from the QB to win all of those games.

If Joe did start in 2018 and win all of the game getting into the playoffs and most likely then losing when they met their first elite opponent, it would have been a springboard to 2019 for Joe and that OSU team. OSU then does not get Justin Fields so then that brings up the discussion how that works out? Would it have made a difference in the Clemson game? Who knows.

In the end it worked out for all of the players and teams, and one can conjecture away with all sorts of possibilities.

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