Joe had a broken right throwing hand in 2017 putting him out for most of the year. Dwayne was not physically ready (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:21:04 01/24/23
[In reply to "I am not referring to hindsight. He should have been able to look at what both offer and make the right choice." by Walt Grace, posted at 13:25:54 01/24/23]

and did not know the playbook in 2017. If Joe was healthy in 2017 which he was not then maybe that is a fair discussion point.

This happened the week before the 2017 SCum game in the link below. It was so bad Urban had to bring JTB back in along with other Senior starters after already getting their final Home curtain call on Senior Day versus Illinois.

This is the same QB you think should have been playing ahead of JTB. OSU would have lost several more games than they did if they had played Dwayne all of 2017. Different argument with Joe, but again he had a broken passing right hand.

FWIW, Joe has admitted he was not ready in 2017 and always looked up to JTB as his mentor. Joe is a sponge and always growing and learning. Dwayne was different. All of that showed up in his professional career how he approached everything. Dwayne had a golden arm, but lacked the approach and willing to grind and continually learn that Joe has.

Joe is a lot like Jalen Hurts. Each year they continually have improved. The same argument that some want to put on Urban could be put on Saban with Hurts. Why didn't Saban bring that Jalen Hurts out? It could be argued that Lincoln Riley was huge in his development to help advance his career. He is the better NFL QB between he and Tua. How many saw or predicted that?

Link: This was one of multiple bad plays that led to Urban doing a very unlikely thing in bringing JTB and the Seniors back on the field in a blowout

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