Urban isn't always right. He may have been in this case but again no one knows because DH7 didn't play

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By Brutus on 14:49:03 01/24/23
[In reply to "Urban knew. The players knew. They see the approach every single day in practice (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 14:27:38 01/24/23]

...when DH7 was called upon in the scUM game...he was ready, no?

: Can you ever remember any college game where the Senior starters had to be brought back in on Senior day because the 2nd string team led by the individual you think was ready to start and lead were totally messing up?

: This happened the week before the SCum game. It was not the only TD Dwayne gave up to opposing crap defenses in his mop up time to play in 2017.

: Joe was easily the #2 if not hurt in 2017.


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