I don't see the need to discuss it every yr during the playoffs. I'm a Bengals fan and love the guy, i don't care where

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By Buck the Trend on 15:57:41 01/24/23
[In reply to "The intersection of Ohio State + Ohio Pro Football is clear - but I'm just not interested in the Burrow Ohio State talk" by tartanbuck, posted at 15:42:08 01/24/23]

he went to college. The decision to start Haskins in 2018 was the right one then and is in hindsight, he had an all-time great season for an OSU QB.

The Bengals have plenty of other Buckeyes to focus on if that's your thing- Hubbard, Bell, Apple, Chrisman, Prince. And if you want to consider Burrow a Buckeye too, go for it, makes no difference to me. I'm just here enjoying the playoffs.

: on the other hand, I can talk Knowles and his crazy defensive failures all day long

: So to each, his own - I suppose

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