Sure. But Urban was lucky to make it in 2016 too, without winning the conference. Not really my point.

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By Mr.C on 16:08:53 01/24/23
[In reply to "Yep. In 2015 Bucks only L was 3 pt loss to 1 loss Sparty and didn't get in. This was a fluke yr with only 4 1 L teams*" by QueensBuck, posted at 15:59:05 01/24/23]

The recent losses to M have given people a rosy nostalgia for Urban's days, which is fine, but he frankly underachieved big time in the 2nd half of his tenure. 2015 was arguably the biggest waste of talent in OSU history; not just failing to win a title, but that team was completely discombobulated from the get-go and futzed around all year until it finally bit them. Meanwhile, Urban was running around mid-season blabbing about his book.

The domination of Michigan is of course to his credit. If Day can figure M out, he'll have the program in better shape than where Meyer had it when he left, and without all of the ridiculous personal drama.

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